Full Specifications

Net Power124 kW
Engine ModelCat C7.1
Bore105 mm
Stroke135 mm
Displacement7.01 l
Net Power – Maximum – ISO 9249 at 1,800 rpm124 kW
Operating Weight19 000 to 19 800 kg (41,888 to 43,652 lb)
Weight – Counterweight – Standard4000 kg
Weight – VA Boom* – Blade Front and Outriggers Rear19800 kg
Weight – Sticks – Long (2800 mm)970 kg
Weight – One-Piece Boom – Front Dozer, Rear Outriggers19300 kg
Weight – Sticks – Medium (2500 mm)930 kg
Swing Mechanism
Swing Speed9.2 r/min
Swing Torque43.4 kN·m
Hydraulic System
Maximum Flow – Swing Mechanism112 l/min
Maximum Pressure – Auxiliary Circuit – Swing Mechanism310 bar
Maximum Pressure – Auxiliary Circuit – Medium Pressure185 bar
Maximum Flow – Implement/Travel Circuit280 l/min
Maximum Pressure – Auxiliary Circuit – High Pressure350 bar
Maximum Pressure – Implement Circuit – Travel Circuit350 bar
Tank Capacity170 l
System270 l
Maximum Flow – Auxiliary Circuit – Medium Pressure49 l/min
Maximum Pressure – Implement Circuit – Normal350 bar
Maximum Pressure – Implement Circuit – Heavy Lift370 bar
Maximum Flow – Auxiliary Circuit – High Pressure250 l/min
Drawbar Pull99 kN
Maximum Gradeability60%
Creeper Speed – 1st Gear3 km/h
Creeper Speed – 2nd Gear13 km/h
Forward/Reverse – 1st Gear8 km/h
Forward/Reverse – 2nd Gear37 km/h
Service Refill Capacities
Engine Crankcase18.5 l
Final Drive2.5 l
Powershift Transmission2.5 l
Rear Axle – Housing (Differential)14 l
Cooling System36.5 l
Front Steering Axle – Differential10.5 l
Fuel Tank – Total Capacity385 l
Standard10.00-20 (Dual Pneumatic)
Ground Clearance370 mm
Maximum Steering Angle35°
Minimum Turning Radius – Standard Axle – End of One-Piece Boom8300 mm
Oscillation Axle Angle±8.5°
Minimum Turning Radius – Standard Axle – End of VA Boom7000 mm
Minimum Turning Radius – Standard Axle – Outside of Tire6400 mm
Bucket Specifications
Bucket Capacities0.35 to 1.18 m3 (0.46 to 1.54 yd3)
Working Ranges
Maximum Digging Depth6200 mm
Maximum Reach – Ground Level9450 mm
Maximum Travel Speed37 km/h
Width2550 mm
Blade Roll – Over Height576 mm
Blade TypeParallel


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