Full Specifications

Power – Net194 kW
Engine ModelCat C9
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank479 l
Operating Weight24962 kg
Operating Weight – Standard24962 kg
Operating Weight – XR25441 kg
Operating Weight – LGP27101 kg
Ground Pressure (STD Track) – STD76.32 kPa
Ground Pressure (STD Track) – XR73.22 kPa
Ground Pressure (STD Track) – LGP45.78 kPa
SU-Blade Capacity – STD/XR6.86 m³
A-Blade Capacity – STD/XR3.89 m³
S-Blade Capacity – LGP5.89 m³
SU-Blade Width – STD/XR3693 mm
A-Blade Width – STD/XR4496 mm
S-Blade Width – LGP4545 mm


EASY TO OPERATEDesigned for operator comfort with low effort controls, adjustable seat/armrests and easy-to-read display. Differential Steering gives you precise control.
PROVENElevated sprocket, rugged structures and proven systems give you long life and durability.
TOP PERFORMANCEDifferential steering, Caterpillar designed torque divider and planetary power shift transmission ensure that you get maximum power to the ground.