Full Specifications

Net Power – ISO 9249151 kW
Engine ModelCat C7.1
Bore105 mm
Stroke135 mm
Displacement7.01 l
Operating Weight18676 kg
Bucket Capacities2.5 m³ to 4.4 m³ (3.3 yd³ to 5.75 yd³)
Operating Specifications
Breakout Force147 kN
Static Tipping Load – Full 40° Turn – Rigid Tires**11197 kg
Static Tipping Load – Full 40° Turn – ISO 14397-1*10503 kg
Forward – 17 km/h
Forward – 212.5 km/h
Forward – 322 km/h
Forward – 434 km/h
Reverse – 17 km/h
Reverse – 212.5 km/h
Reverse – 322 km/h
Hydraulic System
Steering System – Pump TypePiston
Hydraulic Cycle Time – Dump, at Maximum Raise1.2 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time – Total Cycle Time10.1 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time – Lower, Empty, Float Down2.8 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time – Raise from Carry Position6.1 s
Implement System – Optional 3rd Function Maximum Flow280 l/min
Implement System – Maximum Pump Output at 2,200 rpm248 l/min
Implement System Pump TypePiston
Implement System – Maximum Operating Pressure @ 50 ± 1.5 L/min (13.2 + 0.4 gal/min)27900 kPa
Implement System – Optional 3rd Function Maximum Pressure @ 70 L/min20680 kPa
ChoicesChoices include: 23.5-25 16PR, L3 (Triangle); 23.5R25 ??, L3 (Triangle); 23.5R25 ?, L3 (Bridgestone)
Service Refill Capacities
Differential – Final Drives – Front40 l
Crankcase20 l
Fuel Tank size290 l
Differential – Final Drives – Rear38 l
Transmission45 l
Hydraulic Tank120 l
Cooling System48 l
B-Pin Height4188 mm
B-Pin Height – Carry655 mm
Lift Arm Clearance3649 mm
Centerline of Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight2001 mm
Height – Top of ROPS3458 mm
Height – Top of Exhaust Pipe3596 mm
Height – Top of Hood2568 mm
Ground Clearance460 mm
Wheel Base3300 mm
Centerline of Rear Axle to Hitch1650 mm
Rack Back – Maximum Lift60 °
Dump Angle at Maximum Lift52 °
Rack Back – Carry45 °
Rack Back – Ground40 °
Height – Center Line of Axle750 mm
Turning Radius
Turning Radius – Inside of Tires3419 mm
Turning Radius – Outside Edge of Counterweight6190 mm
Turning Radius – Outside of Tires6164 mm
Width – Over Tires2745 mm


LOW OWNING COST PER HOUREngine Idle Management System (EIMS), Auto Engine Idle Shutdown (EIS), variable speed fan and load sensing hydraulics help result in the low fuel consumption on this machine.
EASY TO OPERATE AND MAINTAINIntuitive controls and excellent visibility provide a comfortable working environment for efficient all day operation. Grouped service points and sight gauges allow for easy daily maintenance.
ONE MACHINE, MANY JOBSDesigned to handle all the jobs on your worksite from material handling and truck loading to general construction. This machine is purpose built to be just the right machine for your work.