Full Specifications

Net Power Range (Tier 3)131 kW
Displacement7.01 l
Bore105 mm
Stroke135 mm
Engine ModelCat 7.1
Machine Weight
Weight*16620 kg
Blade Width3.7 m
Throat Clearance112 mm
Blade Height509 mm
End Bit152 mm
Cutting Edge Width152 mm
Arc Radius413 mm
Service Refill Capacities
Circle Drive without Slip Clutch1.5 l
Circle Drive with Slip Clutch7 l
Transmission18 l
Cooling System15.1 gal (US)
Hydraulic System55 l
Fuel Tank295 l
Engine Crankcase19 l
Blade Range
Moldboard Side Shift Left663 mm
Maximum Depth of Cut735 mm
Moldboard Side Shift Right512 mm
Maximum Shoulder Reach Right1928 mm
Maximum Lift Above Ground480 mm
Circle Center Shift Left752 mm
Maximum Shoulder Reach Left1764 mm
Blade Tip Range Backward5
Circle Center Shift Right728 mm
Blade Tip Range Forward40
Width2428 mm
Maximum Height3777 mm
Length of Machine*10322 mm


LOW COST-PER-HOUR OPERATIONExtended maintenance cycles and demand fan keep your overall costs down.
CAB DESIGNED FOR COMFORTBoost productivity and efficiency with cab comfort options.
PERFORMANCE YOU NEEDGet precise, consistent blade movement with the Cat C7.1 engine, hydraulic system, and controls.